We aim to provide the highest quality of care and treatment so, to ensure our patients are appropriately placed, we operate a robust clinically-driven admissions process. Our admissions criteria ensures that we can meet the clinical, psychological, social and care needs of any potential patient.

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Working in Partnership

Effective collaboration and partnership is fundamental to the way Shrewsbury Court Independent Hospital operates.

We work in collaboration with Patients, Family Members, Care Managers, Placement Officers, Clinical Commissioning Groups and other funding authorities to deliver an outcome-focused rehabilitation and recovery service which meets the needs and expectations of all stakeholders.

We do this by ensuring that our care pathways remain flexible and responsive to changing patient needs in preparing them for return to the community and their loved ones.

We provide monthly Multidisciplinary Team Review Reports to professional stakeholders with an update of each patient’s progress. These reports are produced following Multidisciplinary Team ward rounds.

Our Referral Process

Our admissions criteria ensures that we can meet the clinical, psychological, social and care needs of any potential patient. Our referrals process includes a pre-admission assessment and direct liaison with the referring team.

Decisions of suitability are agreed by our Multidisciplinary Team and communicated within five working days of assessment. Where possible, we encourage patient and referring teams to visit Shrewsbury Court Independent Hospital prior to admission.

We understand that finding a suitable placement for a patient can be a challenging experience for those involved. Our team will be happy to guide you through our services and each step throughout the referral process.


Cost of Treatment and Care

Shrewsbury Court Independent Hospital delivers integrated cost effective care pathways to patients placed in our care. We are committed to national care agendas and reflect these in our practice.

The amount charged for care and treatment will depend on the level of need. Ordinarily the rate payable includes:

  • Full board in single accommodation
  • A share of nursing care other than on a 1:1 basis
  • Consultant Psychiatrist input
  • Psychology input
  • Social Work input
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Cost of associated medication
  • Access to therapeutic or rehabilitation programmes.

Additional charges will depend on specific activities that are not provided by the hospital; this may include sundry items or visits that do not form part of the agreed treatment plan. The hospital may charge the funding authority for 1:1 intensive observations or specialist investigations and diagnostics (at cost).