Our new Head of Occupational Therapy…


Manjusha Shukla has joined the team at Shrewsbury Court Independent Hospital as Head of Occupational Therapy. Manjusha gained a Masters in Advanced Occupational Therapy at Northampton University and has extensive experience within NHS and Private hospitals, working with complex and severe mental illness across low secure, PICU, and rehabilitation services. Welcome on board, Manjusha!

How are you feeling after the general election result?


An article from Natalie Morris, senior lifestyle reporter at the Metro, which explores peoples’ feelings post-General Election and some practical tips on how to take care of your mental health. https://metro.co.uk/2019/12/13/cope-mental-health-suffering-election-result-11896602/

Breaking The Loop of Anxiety…


Colin Bien delivers a practical guide at this TEDx talk at Leuphana University, Lüneburg Germany, about his own experience with Panic Attacks and how to break the Anxiety Loop through some simple changes to your routine. Well worth watching!

Mind’s Online Mental Health Tools…


We wanted to share Mind’s online mental health tools. It explains the benefits and challenges to your mental health of being online and gives ideas for looking after yourself online and finding support. It also provides information on staying safe online and getting the balance right between your online and offline life. We hope you’ll find this useful.

‘Listening to white noise put my life back on track’…


Megan Nolan was searching for a way to switch off the stresses of modern life. Then she discovered white noise. Here, she charts how the flat frequencies helped her cope. Courtesy of The Guardian… https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/nov/17/sounding-it-out-listening-to-white-noise-put-my-life-back-on-track-megan-nolan

Why some people find exercise harder than others…


Why do some people struggle more than others to keep off the pounds? Social psychologist Emily Balcetis shows research that addresses one of the many factors: Vision. In an informative talk, she shows how when it comes to fitness, some people quite literally see the world differently from others — and offers a surprisingly simple solution to overcome these differences.

Everything you need to know about autism in adults


The symptoms of autism in adults can differ from those in children, and many adults have learned to live with their symptoms over the years. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders. In most cases, people receive an autism diagnosis in childhood, usually after the age of 4 years. However, some adults live with undiagnosed ASD. Even people with …