Learning Disabilities


We are delighted to announce that we are expanding our care pathway to include LD provisions for male patients aged 18 to 65 years with Mild – Moderate learning disabilities with mental illness and co-morbid ADHD and / or ASD.

The Multi-disciplinary Team (MDT) will be led by one of our Consultant Psychiatrists with experience and expertise in Psychiatry of Learning Disabilities and neurodevelopmental disorders.

There will be support from a team of LD psychologists & nurses, S.A.L.T, Sensory integration and behavioural specialists and dedicated OT team. Patients will also have access to a sensory room as part of their identified patient-centred care pathway.

For further enquiries about the new service and tariffs, please contact Kellie Greeno, our Hospital Administrator, on 01737 372 631 or at kellie.greeno@nhs.net. You may also wish to contact Johnson Oshodi, our Hospital Director, directly on 01737 372 629 or at Johnson.Oshodi@nhs.net.

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