Smoking Cessation Shrewsbury Court Hospital

Smoking Cessation…


Back in autumn 2018 we created a committee in order to lead the SCIH Smoke Free Project. Information was given to patients and staff members regarding the reduction of smoking breaks, the extra support groups and the Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) available.  Several events took place facilitated by the committee where information was shared with patients and staff regarding the progress made and the aims achieved.

The psychology department started running smoking cessation groups which helped identify different coping strategies and how to challenge unhelpful thoughts. Starting from seven smoking breaks in August, these were reduced to two by the end of December. Since the start of 2019, the committee team introduced e-cigarettes to staff and patients. Patients are now able to buy e-cigarettes from the hospital tuckshop.

We’re really pleased with the positive impact we’re seeing with patients and staff and looking forward to tracking the benefits over time. Great effort from everyone involved.

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